If you don’t believe that aliens and humans are interacting on Earth, it is not surprising; there has been and continues to be a concerted effort made by extremely secretive and powerful forces in America, affecting the behaviour of its allies, to persuade the world that the UFO matter has been scientifically investigated and that there is nothing to it.

As far back as 1950, for example, a top secret memo stated that the subject of UFOs in America “is classified two points higher than the H-bomb.  In fact it is the most highly classified subject in the US Government at the present time.”

Three years before, shortly after the Roswell crash, President Truman had established Operation Majestic-12.  Answerable only to the President of the United States, it was an ultra-secretive organisation, the brief of which was to orchestrate Earth’s response to alien visitation.

Part of Majestic-12′s strategy, it transpires, was to have those under their command (and outside the loop) explain away the phenomenon of UFOs.  Majestic-12 operated on a strict need-to-know basis.  As such, when its members issued orders, or even made their views on certain matters known, those hierarchically below them would carry out those orders, or at least follow the party line if no orders had been given, without necessarily knowing the rationale behind the orders.  This is, of course, standard military procedure.

Thus senior US Air Force spokesmen could announce in all sincerity that there was absolutely no evidence of aliens coming to Earth because that was the direction in which the USAF’s investigations – Projects Sign, Grudge and Blue Book – had been steered by Majestic-12.

Cases examined by these three projects were included in 1968’s controversial Scientific Study of Unidentified Objects, to which the US Government still refers when denying, often in good faith, that there is any evidence of alien interaction with humans.

A frequently raised question is why such a thing would be kept from the public.  Majestic-12‘s thinking seems to have been that (a) global chaos would ensue if Earth was shown to be effectively defenceless in the face of alien intervention and (b) any technological advantage afforded a terrestrial power by interacting with alien civilisations should be subject to extreme secrecy.

These two answers are often given by ufologists as reasons for the status quo, and LUFORU concurs.  However, LUFORU would further suggest that ultimately the reason the world is unconcerned about an extraterrestrial presence is precisely because that is how the aliens want the situation to be.